Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality Lab

Department of Computer Science

Dr Andreas Aristidou


Professional Activities

Member of the Communication, Information Theory, Signal Processing, Pattern Recognition, Controls and Systems, Robotics and Computer societies of the IEEE (since 2004), member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, IET (since 2006) and member of the Association for Computing Machinery, ACM (since 2007).

Member of the Research and Technology Committee of the Cypriot Scientific and Technical Chamber (ETEK) and member of the Cyprus Computing Society (CCS).

Other Activities

Member of the Cypriot Philatelic Society. Having almost completed the Cypriot stamp collection since 1881.


Playing football, basketball, beach-volley, table tennis, bowling and chess. Enjoying some more extreme sports such as ski, climbing and off road cycling.

You can watch my videos at my Youtube account and at my contour stories profile:

Youtube profile
Contour profile


I am also interested in photography and web designing.

GYMANIA fitness club
FOE Cyprus
Domitor Developers
Cambridge University Cypriot Society
GOWN magazine
Terra Cypria
ViDaPe project
Digital Dance Database